Red5 Flash Media Server

  1. Introduction to Red5.
  2. Installing Redt5(0.4)
  3. Running the Red5 Service on Your Local Machine
  4. Running Sample Applications
  5. Running the Sample Applications from a Remote Computer.
  6. Installing Eclipse.
  7. Installing Java SE/RE.
  8. Defining a workspace.
  9. Perspectives
  10. Creating a Hello World application.
  11. Running our Hello World application.
  12. Installing Apache Ant.
  13. Setting up System and Environment Variable.
  14. Creating a New Project in Eclipse.
  15. Importng Red5 into our Project.
  16. Building our First Application Class.
  17. Setting up the Configuration files.
  18. Running Red5 with Ant Server.
  19. Creating the Flash Client Application.
  20. Extending the Functionality in our Application.
  21. Running the Red5 Service with our new Application

~ by mjcprasad2000 on May 11, 2009.

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