Getting Primitive with DataTypes

  1. BooleanClass, Casting & comparision with Simple Datatypes.
  2. Boolean Class, Casting & Comparison with Complex Datatypes.
  3. Bonus: Boolean Formatter.
  4. Creating String Datatype.
  5. String Concatenation.
  6. Substrings.
  7. Bonus: Trim, LTrim, & RTrim.
  8. Array as an Indexed Array.
  9. Array as an Associative Array.
  10. Looping through Arrays.
  11. Array Concatenation.
  12. Storing MovieClips as an Associative Array.
  13. Adding indexOf() to Array.
  14. Bonus: Split-Joins
  15. Bonus: Split-Joins (Obfuscating with Split-Joins)
  16. Instantiating an Object and Assignments.
  17. Uncommon Object Functionality.
  18. Extending Object Functionality.
  19. Bonus: JSON Format.
  20. Creating XML.
  21. Loading an XML file.
  22. CDATA, CDATA Run.
  23. XML idMap.
  24. Bonus: XML ToObject Class.
  25. Storing Data in MovieClips.
  26. Part1 – Storing and Accessing Data in SWFs
  27. Part2 – Storing and Accessing Data in SWFs
  28. Part1 – Shared Libraries.
  29. Part2 – Shared Libraries.
  30. Bonus: Cache Buster.


~ by mjcprasad2000 on May 11, 2009.

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