Skin Flex component with Images

1. What is a skin?

Skins let you change the control look without change the control behaviour. For example you can replace the CheckBox control look by the RadioButton look without change the checkbox behaviour!

But the feature the more interesting is the possibility to add Image in the look of the control.

2. Example

In this example, I have replaced the original CheckBox look by images (if selected) and by an AS class (if not selected) which draw nothing but inform the parent layout that the width of the skin measures 16 pixels (same width than the selected skin):

Download the SWF here

3. Sources

The source is just CSS code:

CheckBox {
downIcon: ClassReference(”NoSkin”);
overIcon: ClassReference(”NoSkin”);
upIcon: ClassReference(”NoSkin”);
selectedDownIcon: Embed(source=’check.gif’);
selectedOverIcon: Embed(source=’check.gif’);
selectedUpIcon: Embed(source=’check.gif’);


import mx.skins.ProgrammaticSkin;

public class NoSkin extends ProgrammaticSkin
public override function get measuredWidth():Number {
return 16;

~ by mjcprasad2000 on May 5, 2009.

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