Tofino – An Adobe Flex Plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio

An Adobe® Flex™ plugin for Microsoft® Visual Studio®


Ensemble Tofino for Visual Studio is a plugin that enables .NET developers to create Flex front ends for their applications in the same IDE that they normally use. Instead of using a separate text or XML editor and manually invoking the compiler, they can move smoothly between MXML and .NET file types within Visual Studio, and invoke Flex build and run commands from Visual Studio menus.

Download Tofino 1.2009.03.04 including Flex SDK (122MB)

Download Tofino 1.2009.03.04 without Flex SDK (4MB)

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Why Use Tofino?

  • Easily combine the advantages of Flex clients and .NET server-side development.
  • Use a familiar user interface.
  • No need to remember what files to put where or how to invoke the compiler.
  • Better maintain context and mental model by not having to switch between environments.

~ by mjcprasad2000 on April 6, 2009.

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