fluint – Flex Unit and Integration Testing framework

fluint is a pretty advanced unit testing framework build specifically for Adobe Flex solutions.

What is Fluint?
Generall to say it is a testing framework based on the concepts of FlexUnit and JUnit. It enhanced the function of asynchronous. At the same time it is a graphical testing runner and integrated continuous building systems with an optional Adobe AIR client for directory watching. What is important is it’s an open source software. You could use it free.

It adds support for:

  • Multiple simultaneous asynchronous operations
  • Asynchronous setup and teardown
  • Asynchronous returns before method body completion
  • Support for UIComponent testing
  • Support for test sequences
  • Support for testing Cairngorm commands and controllers
  • XML output of testing results
  • Support for externalizing tests in modules

It’s created and maintained by Digital Primates which many may know from Michael Labriola.

fluint adds some interesting features that are not covered by the basic FlexUnit framework endorsed by Adobe by both embracing basic asynchronous communications as well as direct integration testing…

Link : http://code.google.com/p/fluint/

~ by mjcprasad2000 on April 2, 2009.

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