CheckBox in DataGrid

This is a simple grid that uses a custom Checkbox item renderer written in AS3. Clicking the submit button will display whether or not each Checkbox is selected. Make some changes to the boxes, de-selecting a few or an entire column and then click the submit button to see the selected value. The Alert box usually displays the right info the first time through, but after you’ve gone through a few rounds of selecting and de-selecting some of the boxes it will not show you the correct true/false value of each box.

source code:

output view:

This is another simple grid that is the same as the previous one only with more rows of data to make the DataGrid scroll. De-select the first “Group Owner” Checkbox (row 1 with the ID = 12) and then click use the grid scroll bar to scroll up and down. As you scroll, other Checkboxes are selected and deselected at random.

Incidentally, if you right-click the DataGridExample1 movie you can view the source to see what I’m doing.


~ by mjcprasad2000 on March 25, 2009.

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